Sports Illustrated’s Thome cover: How many more will sell here?

By now, Twins fans have drooled over Sports Illustrated’s gorgeous cover of Jim Thome whacking a ball onto Target Field’s plaza.

The move also represents a solid single for SI’s business side. According to spokesman Chris Mahr, SI has printed an extra 30,000 copies for the Twin Cities market. At $4.99 a pop, the magazine will gross an extra $150,000.

Mahr says it’s typical to put extra copies in a hometown team’s town. Last June, when SI featured Joe Mauer on the cover, the print overrun totalled 25,000.

SI obviously can’t target a market when an individual-sport athlete is featured. But for years, Tiger Woods boosted sales worldwide.

The last athlete featured who wasn’t in a team sport? Serena Williams in July. Phil Mickelson, the U.S. Soccer team, U.S. Winter Olympians and of course, the Swimsuit cover gal are the other 2010 cover subjects not tied to a specific metro area.

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Comments (7)

  1. Submitted by John O'Sullivan on 09/22/2010 - 07:15 pm.

    Am I alone in finding this cover art underwhelming? I’m not sure if it’s the too-pristine reflections in the glass windows, the bluer-than-blue sky or the ugly color clash of the “SI” typeface, but something strikes me as off. Too sterile, almost like an architectural mock-up. Glad to see Minnesota represented on the cover, I just wish the cover were a little more compelling.

  2. Submitted by Eric Bergeson on 09/23/2010 - 09:11 am.

    I suspect you are indeed alone. The composition of the cover photo (minus the unfortunate distractions of the logo, etc.) is extraordinary. Even if the flags had blown in the opposite direction, the picture wouldn’t be the same. Part of the photo’s charm is its similarity to the photos of the early 1950s when photographers seemed more interested than they would later be in capturing panoramic views of big moments, like Joe Dimaggio’s final World Series home run in 1951. Perhaps their interest was equipment-driven. Maybe telephoto action closeups simply weren’t possible. But this photo is a great throwback.

  3. Submitted by Fritz Dahmus on 09/23/2010 - 01:12 pm.

    Can anyone tell me the name of that tall white blocky looking building that is looming beyond the right field foul pole?

    I last worked in DT early 2003. Is this a new high-rise condo?

  4. Submitted by Donn Satrom on 09/23/2010 - 10:25 pm.

    The cover is underwhelming? You wish it were more compelling? Surely you jest! What a great photo!!

  5. Submitted by David Willard on 09/24/2010 - 07:20 pm.

    The only unfortunate thing on the cover is a reference to Gary Keillor’s lifetime mockery of real people. Or should I say FOLK?

  6. Submitted by Brenden Schaaf on 09/25/2010 - 08:17 am.

    To answer Fritz, the building he refers to is the City Center building.

  7. Submitted by Howard Miller on 09/25/2010 - 07:15 pm.

    The photo is more a testimony to the work of the Target field architects, who did a world-class job.

    Am a huge fan of Mr. Thome, who – when stepping up to the plate in a Twins uniform – makes me swell with boyish optimism that anything can happen.

    If it was about him, a close-up during a swing would have been better.

    But SI has a nice photo, and it does none of us harm.

    Go TWINS!!!

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