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"Troubled Waters" premiere reinstated

The U claims its review has taken place, but it sure looks like cave-o-rama to me. From University Relations:

"Troubled Waters" screening to take place as originally scheduled

MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (09/23/2010) —The University of Minnesota has announced that the film “Troubled Waters” will be available today. A showing of the film will take place at the Bell Museum on the originally scheduled date of Oct. 3. A discussion of the film will follow the showing.

Professor Susan Weller, director of the Bell Museum of Natural History, has this week obtained and had an opportunity to review documents that indicate that a review process for the film had taken place. After reviewing this material, Weller has concluded that there is no longer a need for an additional faculty panel to review the film as announced on Sept. 17. The film is being made available today in the form it was in prior to that announcement. 

Senior Vice President and Provost Tom Sullivan said today to the University’s Faculty Consultative Committee that the University is pleased with this result, “The Bell Museum and its faculty and staff are well known for their quality productions and educational materials. I look forward to the originally planned release of ‘Troubled Waters.'” 

Weller said that together with the viewing of the film, the evening will also include an open forum discussion of the many interesting issues and viewpoints raised by the film. “We are excited by the prospect of hosting a discussion forum of the issues and viewpoints raised by 'Troubled Waters.' It is just this kind of intellectual engagement with our exhibits and productions at the Bell that we believe are exactly what the role of Minnesota’s research University should be.” 

The screening will be held on Oct. 3 at 4:30 p.m. at the Bell Museum auditorium, 10 Church Street S.E., Minneapolis. Tickets, which are free and available on a first-come-first-served basis, can be obtained by calling (612) 624-9050 or e-mailing

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Comments (14)

Wait a sec.

Last Friday, Molly Priesmeyer wrote in TC Daily Planet that "the University PR machine shifted its story on pulling the film from one being about need for an additional "scientific review" to one being about concern over political tone."

Today the university says Prof. Weller "review[ed]
documents that indicate that a review process for the film had taken place... [and] has concluded that there is no longer a need for an additional faculty panel to review the film as announced on Sept. 17."

So, unidentified "documents" were reviewed that indicate a "review process" was undertaken by unidentified "reviewers" who have no concerns about (pick one) (1.) the validity of the science contained in the film (2.) annoying Cargill and other Big Ag interests.

Well, that should make us all feel better about the state of academic freedom at our state's flagship university.

Or not.

This whole thing was wrong on so many levels. I hope that it illustrates, once again, that things are seriously wrong at the U.

I hope that the next president will come from outside and with clean hands. We need to make some serious changes at the U and return to our original land grant priorities.

In chasing international rankings and prestige, we have lost our soul. The Morrill Hall Gang should step outside in front of their building every day and look at the inscription on Northrop Auditorium - which they want to gut, by the way:

The University of Minnesota

Founded in the Faith that Men are Enobled by Understanding

Dedicated to the Advancement of Learning and the Search for Truth

Devoted to the Instruction of Youth and the Welfare of the State

W. B. Gleason, University faculty member and alum

Tom Horner must've got to Himle to try and get him to put out the fire that was lapping at his campaign.

I hope that by cave-o-rama, you mean did the right thing and stopped censoring.

Ralf - yes. Yes, I did.

What's ironic is that now 10 times more people are interested and will want to see this film. If Himle, Levine, et. al had just kept quiet, the film would have slipped quietly into the night.

Clearly, this whole episode was a clever, reverse-spin fakeout designed to increase interest in the film and boost attendance at its premiere. Who knew the U had it in them? Bravo!

'Troubled waters' in academe?

"I don't have a solution but I certainly admire the problem." Eric Sevareid

... who questioned the system as J-school student and as critical commentator on the greater world scene.

You CANNOT get tickets by calling or e-mailing. Because of the media coverage, the only way you can get tickets is to pick them up in person at the Bell Museum during their business hours.

I think:
Monday - Wednesday and Friday - 9-5
Thursday - ?? to 10
Saturday - 10-5
Sunday - noon to 5

I should have also included the information that they will have a second showing at 7:00 that evening.

Is TPT still planning on showing the film as originally scheduled? Does anyone know?

Please re-read Bill Gleason's post - #2. He has nailed it.

According to the article at , they are hoping the TPT will reschedule the broadcast. I hope that the pressure stays on until the broadcast is actually rescheduled.

Well I'm all for showing documentaries on Channel two, but only if it doesn't interfere with pledge drive programming. I need to get connected to my "source" and have a good relationship with my money. The science on that stuff is rock solid baby.