Deadspin editor discussed Favre allegations on 93X — four months before sexting story broke

On Monday, I cranked out a timeline of when local outlets reported’s sexting allegations against Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. But it turns out Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio tipped a Twin Cities radio station to the still-unconfirmed gnarliness four months before he broke the Aug. 4 story.

You would’ve had to have been listening to 93X Half-Assed Morning Show on March 31. (I was busy.) Daulerio doesn’t reveal the juiciest parts, but in hindsight he discloses a lot of stuff: the accusation involved Favre’s New York Jet days, a woman, voice mails and “visual evidence.”

Here’s the clip, transcription below: 

Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio on 93X, March 31, 2010

One of the hosts — Weasel, Josh or Nick — asks Daulerio: “You wouldn’t happen to have any new breaking trash off that maybe we haven’t heard about way out here in Minnesota?”

Daulerio, laughing: “Well, there could be some news coming out about your quarterback in a couple of months, but I’ll stay off of that for now.”

Host: “Our quarterback? Are you talking about Brett Favre?” (Remember, Favre hadn’t yet decided to return to the Vikes.)

Daulerio: “Yup.”

Host: “What kind of news — whether he’s retiring or not?”

Daulerio: “Nooooo.”

Host: “Could you call it salacious?”

Daulerio: “I would call it definitely salacious.”

Host: “Oh, that’s fantastic. I can’t wait for that.”

Another host: “Something you’re sitting on?”

Daulerio: “Yeah, this incident, we were talking to the young woman who it happened to, when Brett Favre was a member of the New York Jets.”

Host: “Oh it was awhile ago.”

Another host: “Just tell me this: Should we tell Tarvaris Jackson to get his arm warmed up?”

Daulerio: “Well, I don’t know. We’re waiting for kind of visual evidence. I’ve kind of heard some voicemails — we could say that (laughs) — that probably aren’t so great, but we’re still waiting for some visual evidence.”

Host: “Fascinating about this Brett Favre stuff. You say in a couple more weeks we’ll have something.”

Daulerio: “Maybe, maybe.”

I guess if you’re a hard-ass media critic, you could say local newsies should’ve started the hunt then, even though Favre hadn’t yet decided to return to the Vikes. (I’m on record saying I would’ve waited until last week.) Remember, too, Daulerio says he was given the information off-the-record in January or February when he was negotiating with alleged victim Jenn Sterger about appearing in a “Deadspin Swimsuit Project.”

The funny thing about this is that 93X didn’t remember what they had; MinnPost reader David D. tipped me off, and host Josh Bitney quickly found the clip Wednesday. You can be pretty sure the Morning Show crew will have some fully assed fun with this tomorrow.

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  1. Submitted by myles spicer on 10/13/2010 - 02:55 pm.

    My only comment is a caution: the mainstream media has to be exceedingly careful about publishing ANYTHING roaming around the internet. It can be incredibly unreliable; and apparently this lesson is not yet learned. Unless or until relaible sources have thoroughly vetted junk floating about from computer to computer, it should be ingnored. This is not a comment about this particular story — just a generalization as to what is happening to our media today.

  2. Submitted by Aaron Landry on 10/13/2010 - 03:52 pm.

    A couple co-workers and I were just talking about the timing of this story — and started to put our tinfoil hats on thinking the Jets had some kind of direct impact on the timing of it.

    Funny to hear how long ago Deadspin was even starting to tease about this…

  3. Submitted by John Edwards on 10/13/2010 - 04:58 pm.

    “Alleged victim” Jenn Sterger? That kind of description is clearly the property of the Star-Tribune newsroom, which has an unequaled knack for finding female sufferers. I think a more accurate wording at this point would be that Ms. Sterger is the “reported recipient” of the texts and voice mails. My understanding is that this issue did not surface because of any complaint from Ms. Sterger. Rather, it is a consequence of Deadspin’s grilling. Allegations of wrongdoing could come eventually from the NFL, which if proven, might enable us to then call her a victim.

  4. Submitted by Gerald Abrahamson on 10/14/2010 - 11:44 am.

    Sterger is supposedly a professional. Thus, if anything inappropriate occurred, she would have reported it to Jets management or to the NFL. As would have other professionals working for the team–for the same reason. So, all the NFL has to do is ask the Jets management for the complaints filed by those people at that time and the action(s) taken by Jets management to resolve those complaints.

    The above statements assume nobody tried to blackmail Favre by threatening to file a complaint if he did NOT pay them to keep quiet.

    The problem is not the timing of the release of the information. The problem is about two years went by before anything was known of the potential issue. A legitimate complaint means an almost-immediate filing with Jets management or the NFL (professionals–remember? They KNOW they are supposed to report anything inappropriate IMMEDIATELY to team management–and also maybe to the NFL). Any substantial delay in reporting inappropriate activities indicates the likelihood something else is going on (i.e., it is NOT “reporting a complaint” but rather getting revenge). The real story? Who knows?

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