Media political donations: MinnPost board members to Dayton, Horner

Fair is fair; I’ve reported this election season on gubernatorial contributions from KSTP and Fox9 ownership and a WCCO-AM talk show host, now it’s time to look at my own shop.

MinnPost is a non-profit, so no one really owns us. Our editor and CEO, Joel Kramer, has a personal no-donations policy. I didn’t see any of our staff ponying up on gubernatorial campaign finance reports released yesterday.

However, there are some names associated with MinnPost who gave — board members. Based on the list on our “About Us” page, Lee Lynch, Fran Davis and Jeremy Pierotti gave a combined $2,500 to DFL candidate Mark Dayton. Emeritus director John Cowles gave another $2,000 to Dayton. If you include spouses (at least the ones I can identify), the total goes up to $8,500.

Meanwhile, another director, Toby Dayton, gave $2,000 to Independence Party candidate Tom Horner; his wife chipped in another $2,000.

As I noted this summer, future candidates (including Dayton) gave to MinnPost and Cowles in particular has contributed to independent groups that now support Dayton. Kramer declared “donors buy no influence, period.” Because board members are drawn from the community, there’s no prohibition on their political giving.

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  1. Submitted by Laura Knudsen on 10/27/2010 - 09:02 am.

    Thank you Toby Dayton and his wife. I think you are supporting the best candidate for governor.

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