The Associated Press missing precincts

Yes, the governor’s race remains recount-tight, but Mark Dayton leads by roughly 9,000 votes. Will the Associated Press call the race?

For the moment, they’re waiting on 19 Minnesota precincts (out of 4,117). I don’t know the exact precincts, but here are the counties where they are:

  • 13 in Aitkin County (northeastern Minnesota, where Dayton leads narrowly)
  • 4 in Martin County (Iowa border, Emmer leads solidly)
  • 1 in St. Louis County (northeastern Minnesota, where Dayton leads massively)
  • 1 in Wright County (suburban Twin Cities, where Emmer leads 2-to-1)

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Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous Submitted by Anonymous on 11/03/2010 - 10:16 am.

    David, on a day like today, I really really really appreciate your level-headedness and your journalistic standards. Really and thank you.

  2. Submitted by Francis Ferrell on 11/03/2010 - 02:31 pm.

    Why in this cyberage of instant communications and high tech wizardry why do voting precincts have to be so slow in vote tally returns? Didn’t 2008’s elections teach us anything?

    After the recount debacle of 2008, if would behoove all concerned that an expeditious, properly coordinated, and administrated gubernatorial recount,per MN statutes and the state Constitution, be done with speedy dispatch. This recount should be done openly with integrity without all the usual MN political rigmarole that has hampered other recounts.

    Also, the media and the ersatz pundits stop speculating over the winner’s administrative and political agenda and plans. Governor Pawlenty should provide some insight to us on how the transition process will flow and operate to accommodate the smooth process of state governance.

    As a citizen and voter who is getting tired of [remote?] precincts, adverse MN political machinations, and political chicanery holding up the work of state government. It’s time to move forward and make Minnesota government whole again. The election is over. The people have spoken with their votes be it ever so close. There is no excuse no matter how remote the precinct to hold back the voice of the electorate.

    Sorry to have gotten carried away here but why can’t Minnesota be the leader in showing the US how close, hard-fought elections be conducted with dignity, honesty, integrity, and style!??

  3. Submitted by Sheila Ehrich on 11/04/2010 - 09:10 am.

    Francis, To answer your last question, Minnesota IS the leader in showing the US how close, hard-fought elections can be conducted with dignity, honesty, integrity and style.

    Minnesota leads because it has a paper ballot to be counted in recount situations such as this. Many of the states who bought into the voting machines pushed by NRC during the Bush era don’t even have that. All they are left with are the numbers the machines spit out and the mechanizations of the people behind the machines.

    Minnesota received many plaudits and much recognition for the open and meticulous way in which our last recount was conducted. As Jay Weiner points out in the prologue of his book, “This is NOT Florida”, “Every step along the way was televised live, … Anyone who wanted to watch, anywhere in the world, could.”

    It’s only those who see conspiracies in the very natural process of having remote precincts not reporting yet who are blind. And as for dignity, we only need to look to Tony Sutten to see why that seems to have gone out the window already.

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