Seeman adds 1500 ESPN to g.m. portfolio; Konrad departs

I’m a little late with this, but Dan Seeman, the vice-president and general manager for MyTalk 107.1, has been named to the same positions with sports station 1500 ESPN. He’ll keep the MyTalk gig as well.

Seeman has been 1500’s de facto programmer since program director Steve Konrad was injured in a freak motorcycle accident March 18.

Poignantly, Konrad and wife Melodee cleaned out his Hubbard Broadcasting office Tuesday. Employees were told several days ago that their old boss won’t be coming back; he’s definitely on the mend, especially his hand and shoulder injuries, but brain injuries are trickier. I encourage anyone who cares about Steve to read Melodee’s entries on the CaringBridge site.

Seeman says Hubbard Radio president Ginny Morris and the Konrads had a heartfelt conversation in late October. “Everybody came to the conclusion from radio station standpoint and Steve’s personal standpoint, that it was right to do it now,” Seeman says of Konrad’s departure. “It really was the right time for Steve and his family.”

The Hubbards are not stingy in such circumstances; the Konrads have good insurance and benefits. In her most recent CaringBridge post, Melodee wrote:

On Tuesday, Nov. 9th Steve and I went to Hubbard to clean out his office. We arrived that morning around 10:00am and didn’t leave there till 2:30pm. My husband had alot of stuff!

Steve was thrilled to see everyone and to be able to sit in his office. When he opened the door and sat down in his chair he was so happy to be back in his element. I will hold the image of him sitting in his chair grinning from ear to ear and conversing with his radio buddies for a long time.

Thank goodness we had help packing up his office. He had accumulated alot of things over the years. I don’t think he threw anything away. A few of the items brought up some good conversation, memories and laughter.

As we finished packing up the last of the boxes it was time to take one more look around. I couldn’t help but fill the tears well up in my eyes when Steve turned the light off and shut the door to his office for the last time. He stood there for a moment to soak it all in.

During the ride home he told me it was a very emtional day but that he was okay. My heart was aching but at the same time so full of pride for Steve. He has been through so much and for his career to have to end this way just sucks!

Now that chapter has closed and we’ll begin another one.

Many thanks to Hubbard Broadcasting!

Seeman says 1500 ESPN plans to cast a “wide net” for Konrad’s replacement. 

[Hat tip: Steven Moravec.]

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