Foresight: How Fox got that awesome Metrodome roof-collapse video

USA Today answers a question I was tracking yesterday: How Fox got that awesome video of the Metrodome roof collapse.

Click through to give them the link love, but basically, a Fox crew heard from a Dome staffer that the “snow-melting was a real problem,” so the network trained cameras on the roof and left them overnight. In the morning, like some bizarro present from Santa, they found footage that made viewers and conspiracy mongers say “Wow.”

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  1. Submitted by Matthew Williams on 12/13/2010 - 10:04 am.

    I truly find the lapses of logic and rationality on the part of these conspiracy mongers to be more awe inspiring than the 5′ drifts of snow in our yard. It didn’t collapse in ’91 therefore it should never have collapsed in 2010! (different storm / different conditions, 19 years ago is a long time for fabrics to experience wear and tear, etc etc). Wilf has been pushing for a new stadium and then it fails therefore it MUST be an orchestrated effort! (if Wilf can control the weather, then we’ve seriously underestimated this man, etc). And my favorite…they used HOT water instead of COLD water, therefore they must have been trying to make it fail! (be careful applying the Mpemba effect in an argument…its mechanisms are probably being overblown). I get that the conspiracy people are trying to get ahead of what will be a little political gamesmanship by throwing a cloud of doubt and mistrust over pro-stadium groups. I get that. But, couldn’t there be a more intelligent way of doing this?

  2. Submitted by Matthew Williams on 12/13/2010 - 10:06 am.

    One more thing: before people start thinking that the Metrodome deflation is strange or unthinkable or even special…I submit to you the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls, Iowa: (scroll down to the 1994 storm history)

  3. Submitted by Ron Gotzman on 12/13/2010 - 10:20 am.


    I was asking the same question. Thanks for the answer.

  4. Submitted by Francis Ferrell on 12/13/2010 - 12:20 pm.

    Didn’t someone once liken the Metrodome Teflon to the city walls of Jericho in 1982 or whenever the roof first collapsed? I wonder if all the conspiracy soothsayers heard Joshua blowing his horn this time? If so, what tune was he playing when the roof came ‘tumbling down’? [chuckle]

    Don’t you love a Minnesota mystery conspiracy story such as this?

    Oh, whatever happened to those baseballs that flew up into the Teflon? Now there’s a mystery to be solved?

  5. Submitted by Francis Ferrell on 12/13/2010 - 12:24 pm.

    p.s.: Who was the Dome worker who was racing in his golf cart across the field sidelines as the roof collapsed? Now that’s another “real-life” story!

  6. Submitted by Steve Aschburner on 12/13/2010 - 01:46 pm.

    Similarly, James Cameron was alerted to the presence of big honkin’ icebergs so he could set up and let his cameras run 85 years in advance for what would become his documentary “Titanic.”

    The prevailing suspicion down here among media types in Chicago is that the Fox cameras were tipped to just when the guys on the Dome roof would ascend with their box cutters. Some even suspect Jesse Ventura played a role, and thus could get an episode or three out of it.

  7. Submitted by Matty Lang on 12/13/2010 - 02:17 pm.

    At first, I thought the video itself was a Fox Sports fabrication worthy of Fox News standards. It’s got a pretty computer-animated look to it and it did seem unlikely that they would run the cameras all night, but I suppose they can afford the juice. I was never, however, a member of the roof collapse itself being a conspiracy crowd.

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