Minnesota Democrats Exposed’s new proprietors unsure about state Capitol press corps bid

Will the site whose very name is a partisan attack still seek entrance into the Capitol press corps?

Minnesota Democrats Exposed, founded by current state GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb and in the past election cycle run by Luke Hellier, has changed hands again. Two twenty-something Republicans, market researcher Andy Post and Duluth student Ryan Lyk, will now carry the torch. Hellier says he’s looking at “new career opportunities” and concentrating on other volunteer commitments.

In working to defeat Democrats, MDE tries to launch anti-DFL stories into the broader media, but frankly, its orbit has decayed since Brodkorb left. Hellier was a dedicated pot-stirrer, but too seldom unearthed documents or compelling facts to entice mainstream reporters to bite. Except for Fox9 stupidly retransmitting a half-baked MDE smear, what remained was easily resistible spin.

It’s too soon to say if Post and Lyk can or will change this dynamic; City Pages has some links to their previous writings here.

However, another of MDE’s goals is to torment the lefty media, especially Brodkorb bête noire The Uptake. The Uptake is run and loved by lefties, but widely praised for CSPAN-like airings of press conferences and recount proceedings. When a few mainstream media orgs questioned The Uptake’s presence in the state Capitol’s press area earlier this year, MDE was eager to pile on; announcing it would apply for credentials since officials had already allowed “an outright partisan group in the press area.”

This was mostly an attempt to make The Uptake seem as partisan as MDE (it isn’t). Again, the poke was easily resistible. Having self-branded partisans in the press tent isn’t optimal (I know some of you feel MinnPost isn’t much different), but without an objective reason for exclusion, new faces are here to stay and the Republic can likely survive.

So will Post and Lyk pick up Hellier’s bid to join the press corps? “We’ve only been blogging a few hours, so we haven’t decided yet on whether or not we will apply for credentials,” say the proprietors. “We will certainly let you know when we decide.”

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Comments (3)

  1. Submitted by Hiram Foster on 12/01/2010 - 08:53 am.

    What they do just isn’t all that easy.

  2. Submitted by Tommy Johnson on 12/01/2010 - 12:19 pm.

    David, you twice use the noun “proprietors.”

    Do you have any evidence that actual “ownership” of MDE has changed hands?

    It seems to me that while MDE was indeed founded by Brodkorb (anyone can google “I am MDE” to verify), there also is no evidence of an ownership change other than Brodkorb’s 6/29/09 claim that “The keys to the store have been handed over to the new tenants.”

    If anything, Brodkorb’s claim indicates that Post and Lyk are nothing more than renters of the cyber-space known as MDE – and subject to the terms and conditions that landlords commonly dictate to those renting space from them.

    Lord only knws what Brodkorb’s lease to Post and Lyk might read….

  3. Submitted by Chris Clonts on 12/01/2010 - 12:56 pm.

    Saying “The Uptake isn’t as partisan as MDE” is a long way from making it an unbiased source of news for Minnesotans.

    With its staff bringing unbiased newsgathering experience such as working for Air America and campaigning for U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, it could hardly be considered centrist.

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