Saturday, Dec. 11: Nearly an all-time snow day

I was teasing some relative newcomers that the weekend’s 17.1-inch snowbomb was nice and all, but it was still a staggering 11.4 inches below 1991’s all-time storm, so they’ve earned survivor’s cred but not bragging rights.

A few responded that ’91’s Halloween blizzard was nice and all, but it fell over three days, while 2010’s was largely a one-day affair. Given my shoveling-pained back, I decided to check with Paul Douglas and find out if Snowmageddon ’10 set a one-day or 24-hour record.

Nope, he reported, though the contest was a lot closer than the single-storm race. According to Pete Boulay of the state Climatology Office, the top Twin Cities “snow days” — single calendar days — are:

1. November 1, 1991: 18.5 inches
2. January 22, 1982: 17.2 inches
3. January 20, 1982: 17.1 inches (that was a crappy week)
4. December 11, 2010 16.3 inches

Just 2 inches away from glory!

As for 24-hour snowfall, Halloween 1991 remains the champ at 21 inches, or nearly 4 more inches than our current dumping. Doesn’t make my back feel any better.

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