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Post-Shelby, WCCO-TV can't repeat 10 p.m. demo win in December

After a November marked by anchor Don Shelby's retirement, WCCO-TV announced it had won a monthly 10 p.m. ratings war among advertiser-coveted 25-to-54-year-olds for the first time in 24 years.

Could it repeat the feat in a Frank Vascellaro December?

Nope. WCCO Director of Communications and Content Kiki Rosatti says Channel 4 lost the "demo" war (presumably to longtime champ KARE). WCCO's rating was off 2 percent from December 2009 for Monday through Friday 10 p.m.

That's a pretty skinny slide, and Rosatti notes WCCO's 9 p.m. lead-ins were down 12 percent in the "demo" during the same period. Rival news directors will no doubt mutter, "Cry me a river," since CBS shows have long boosted WCCO News numbers. Still, the point is, anchors aren't the only variable.

Rosatti adds that the station showed double-digit demo gains for all newscasts except the 10, including 5 a.m. (up 20 percent), 6 a.m. (82 percent), 5 p.m. (37 percent) and 6 p.m. (17 percent). WCCO won December demo at 5 a.m., noon and 5 p.m.. In November, the station narrowly lost the 5 a.m. race to KSTP and KARE. I didn't get 4:30 a.m. numbers this go-round.

Because of CBS's older-skewing audience, WCCO regularly does better in the all-households ratings. The station won all the news races between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m., showing a 6 percent gain at 10 p.m. despite a 2 percent drop in the 9 p.m. lead-in.

Earlier this month, the station stayed in house by promoting assistant news director Mike Caputa to news director.

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Comments (3)

You reported that WCCO regularly does better in the all-households ratings. I suppose that is why they show commercials touting that they have the most viewed newscasts.

I've always watched WCCO since I moved here in 98; I'm not sure why but it's 'appealed' to me more so than the other stations. I'm a graphics type of guy so the logo, music, and over all graphics are more pleasing to me than what they offer at the other stations (KSTP has a news set that belongs in some small town news station). I think this is the main reason why I get my local news from 4.

Speaking of graphics; I wish WCCO would update their news opening and graphics to those like the other owned and operated CBS affiliates. Just sayin'.

I find all the local news channels now to be basically unwatchable. KARE is all sports of some kind. FOX is on at the wrong time. KSTP has the most actual news, but it's all crime news. And WCCO is annoying for soooo many reasons. I was tired of the Frank and Amelia schtick before it even started (their married you know, and they have kids so as parents they know all kinds of things like how important it is to not stick your finger in a light socket). And what's with this business of standing around now?

I must say however that I think Pat Kessler is the best thing going on any of the news stations. The problem is I frequently miss Kessler's reports because I can't stand to watch the rest of the broadcast.

If one want's entertainment at 10:00 in the evening there are just too many other options, local news is not on my list. Did it occur to any of the local news channels last night to do a fact check of Bachmann's speech? I know KARE didn't.