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Chris Baker quits as KTLK-FM morning host

Controversial KTLK-FM morning host Chris Baker quit Wednesday, and will be replaced, at least temporarily, by former KSTP-AM host Bob Davis.

Clear Channel operations manager Gregg Swedberg confirms that "Chris Baker is not with us anymore."

Baker has been scrubbed from the conservative talk station's website, which now states, "Join us on Thursday, February 3rd for the first installment of News Talk Mornings! Bob Davis will sit behind the mic, ready to talk about the news of the day."

Davis got the boot at AM1500 in April 2009. Swedberg notes that there is no permanent replacement as of yet. 

As for Baker, this is the second gig he's forsaken in the last few months. For a time, he was on KTLK and Houston's KPRC-AM, but the latter job apparently ended in November. Baker originally came to KTLK from KPRC. He left that job unexpectedly.

Baker's shock-jockery included questioning whether gays and women should vote, labeling Barack Obama "Obammy" and a "little bitch" and calling a transgender man a "mutilated lesbian." Such gibes earned him a spot on ex-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann's "Worst Persons in the World."

The show recently added a Friday morning hour with defeated GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Emmer's appearances are expected to continue.

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Comments (10)

Finally some good news this week!

Too bad, I found Chris to (mostly) be entertaining. I was a casual listener only and am rarely offended by what host throw out there. I just hope we don't end up with a non-local morning drive on KTLK.

I listened to him for the first time this morning. Sorry everybody. Or, you're welcome, everybody else.

It must be the flu that I've been fighting for a week.

Chris Baker was always entertaining and interesting. He actually motivated me to switch from the KQ Morning Show several years ago, and I've listened ever since. While sometimes abrasive and noxious (no different than Big Ron Rosenbaum), he said it like it was, even if his opinions rubbed others the wrong way. I will miss him greatly, and wish him well. Hopefully they will find an interesting, engaging replacement soon (no, not Bob Davis) about Tom Emmer?

To bad. Without a job, no healthcare. Oh, well. I wish Chris the best of luck.

A morning show guy that said shocking things? What will they think of next? Maybe a car that runs on gasoline.

Chris baker is gone, oh well, his show was kind of lame. I am excited to be able to listen to Bob Davis again. Hopefully he gets the permanent gig.

I've been waiting for this day!!! More than glad to see Chris Baker go. I stopped listening to KTLK in the mornings since they fired Dan Conri and replaced him with the morning buffoon.

I hope Bob Davis gets the gig (if he wants it). He is far better informed and can be entertaining without trying to be a 'shock jock'

He was okay, he was taking on a comedy stint and all kinds of things to make his program work, sports of which he was good at. Wish him well, he seemed like a nice guy.

I can not believe KTLK let Chris Baker go. To those other people who said "good riddens", well you probably didnt understand the humor on Seinfeld either, imbeciles! I guess its back to KQRS and the gang because KTLK has nothing left for entertainment on the way in to work! PS- Please ask Bob Davis to never laugh on live radio again, way too anoying!