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Where the men are: radio rankings, 25-54-year-olds

Last week, after losing Golden Gopher sports to all-jock stations KFAN and 1500ESPN, WCCO Radio market manager Mick Anselmo made an interesting observation: that among advertiser-coveted 25-to-54-year-old men, another CBS station, JACK-FM, ranked "number one, number two in all dayparts — better than all the sports stations."

JACK doesn't get much ink from media reporters because the music format is a lot less ... human. There are no local DJs. So is Anselmo right: do local males crave the music and not the personalities? 

For the most part, yes. 

Arbitron rules only allow me to report rankings for demographic dayparts, though I can characterize ratings. In this case, I'm using AQH, which measures the number of people listening at least five minutes during a 15-minute period during November, December and January.

JACK ranks third in the morning (6-10 a.m.), first in mid-day (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) and second in the afternoon (3-7 p.m.).

Here's the November-December-January average rank:

1. KQ
2. 93X
5. MPR News

2. KQ
3. 93X
5. K102

3. KQ
4. 1500ESPN
5. 93X

The narrative:

In mornings, KQ is the runaway leader, more than doubling anyone's AQH. No shocker there. JACK, 93X and KFAN are bunched pretty close; MPR News is on a lower tier, about two-thirds of JACK's number. KTLK is seventh, WCCO ninth, and The Current beats the syndicated programming on 1500ESPN. (Remember, it's the "off-season" for 1500, whose numbers perk up when Twins games return.)

Mid-days, JACK and KQ are nearly tied. In third, 93X has about two-thirds their number. KFAN and K102 are close, then it's KOOL108, KTLK and 1500ESPN bunched in the fifth-through-eighth spots. The Current is ninth and MPR News is 12th.

In the afternoons, the sports formats surge. KFAN has a nice margin over JACK, with KQ a close third. It's 1500ESPN's best daypart (Reusse and Soucheray), but 93X and K102 have similar numbers. KTLK is in the next tier, with KOOL, KDWB, MPR News and KS95 all grabbing about half of JACK's numbers.

Bottom line: Boys like rock, jocks and robotic music formats.

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