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New Star Tribune website: The screenshots

Home page and sports front page (click on images for a full look, but note these are big files). No story pages yet, which is too bad, because they're a big improvement:

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Comments (3)

Still too damn busy and hard to navigate. It's difficult to find things when the "columns" keep shifting all over the page.

It's marginally better, but barely. Ads on the left side of the screen was not the biggest problem of the old layout. Those problems are still in the new layout.

Looks a lot like the new WaPost. I'll have to see it live to know if I like it, but since the content won't be any different I'm sure I won't be wasting much time there.

This looks suspiciously like the Teline II template working under Joomla. Mark, it looks the most like the LA Times -- they went to their new look way before the WaPost and won a lot of praise for the airy look.