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Timberwolves moving radiocasts to WCCO

Just announced on the Good Neighbor. Makes up ever so slightly for the recent loss of Gophers sports (and a few years earlier, for the Twins), though the Wolves aren't big or even medium ratings-getters.

The Wolves have been on KFAN for most of their history, but over the years, the broadcast crew has been cut back to a single announcer, indicating the bucks don't exactly roll in. (The Wolves pay the station to carry the games, a not-uncommon situation for winter sports other than football.)

I'm also hearing chatter that the Minnesota Wild, who are now on WCCO, will be moving to KFAN or another Clear Channel station.

Update: The Strib's Neal Justin reports Alan Horton will remain as announcer (not Chad Hartman, as many were wondering) and it's a four-year deal. By then, Ricky Rubio will be here, right?

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Comments (6)

They have radio broadcasts?

Do you have any idea on what type of ratings the Wolves draw versus Gopher hoops?

Dark Star did confirm w/ Paul Allen this morning that the Wild will indeed be moving to KFAN.

How will they be able to fit them in between all those commercials they play?

WCCO radio just does not have the abiltiy to hold on to any decent sports rights these days. The Timberwolves deserve a second rate station. WCCO made a huge mistake losing the Twins and Vikings. The Wild going to KFAN is just another example of how WCCO has gone down hill!!

Who are the Timberwolves? Another great move by KFAN. The Wild are an upgrade for them. I have no idea why WCCO would want any part of the Wolves.

I'm surprised KSTP didn't land one of them, they could use a winter sport.