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AM1280 The Patriot canceled Bradlee Dean days before Capitol 'prayer'

Last Friday, a track-suited Bradlee Dean stood before the Minnesota House of Representatives to deliver an incendiary “prayer” implying President Obama was not a Christian. But the high-profile moment came just days after a local conservative radio station canceled Dean’s “Sons of Liberty” show. The legislative brouhaha caused another to terminate discussions about picking the program up.

Radio host Bradlee Dean
Radio host Bradlee Dean

Since 2009, Dean’s show had appeared Saturdays on AM1280 The Patriot; like many in the genre, Dean’s “ministry” paid to air the two-hour political show. But Patriot general manager Ron Stone says he canceled Dean after a program in which the host and a sidekick likened Obama to Osama Bin Laden and “did a 6-minute-long spiel in which they mocked black people, which I took offense to. For a minister to do that made no sense.”

On the broadcast, Dean intoned, "I just listened to a bunch of news reporters mistakently calling Obama Osama and Osama Obama. And I just have a serious question: What's the difference, America? ... Your outside enemies are really on the inside. Osama Bin Laden did not call you 'a Muslim nation,' Obama did. ... even so far as to honor Osama Bin Laden with a Muslim eulogy on an American blood-bought ship. ... Osama Bin Laden is not the one that's trying to disarm the American people — Obama is! America, what's the difference? No one has attacked this country and its people as well as its foundations more than this man's administration. Do the math!"

The following Wednesday, “Junkyard Prophet,” a Twitter account linked to Dean’s Christian-metal band, announced:

KTLK is the higher-rated Clear-Channel-owned conservative FM station that’s the local home to Jason Lewis, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Dean (who did not respond to a request for comment) had arguably turned necessity into advantage.

The inaugural KTLK broadcast would’ve run May 21 — the day after Dean’s prayer. It never aired.

Clear Channel operations manager Gregg Swedberg says, “We had been approached about putting Bradlee Dean on KTLK-FM. However, nothing was ever solidified because we would’ve needed him to make some adjustments. We haven’t spoken to his people since the legislature appearance.”

Swedberg did not specify the adjustments. Though daily newspapers ignored Dean until Friday, websites such as Dump BachmannRipple in Stillwater and Minnesota Independent have long chronicled his attacks on gays and lesbians, such as “claims that gay men molest an average of 117 children and that Muslim nations that execute gays are more moral than American Christians.”

The Patriot, owned by Salem Communications, had kept “Sons of Liberty” on through all this. Stone was listed as a director of Dean’s “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International” on the group’s 2009 federal form 990. That year, “You Can Run” reported spending $35,054 in “radio air time.”

Now, Stone says, “I’ve learned a lot. When the ‘Sons of Liberty’ show first developed, I truly believed it was a conservative radio show in the right spirit. I don’t have an issue with him debating the marriage amendment, photo ID, Obamacare, things that deserve to be debated. What I do have issues with is the divisive tone — we’re not bigots, we’re not racists. Even though we don’t agreed with the president on policy, I don’t think he should be likened to a terrorist. Given what happened at the Capitol, I’m so happy with the decision I made.”

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Comments (16)

Those of us who listen to KTLK and "the Patriot" to monitor what the right wingers are saying will miss the Sons of Liberty in the way one misses the scraping of fingernails across a blackboard. They were so juvenile, so ignorant, so vicious that my first thoughts were that they were a parody, but alas not. They made Limbaugh, Hannity, et al. seem like weak beer. If the SOL are too far out for these stations, even before the fiasco at the Legislature, that tells you something.

"The Patriot says ven though we don’t agreed with the president on policy, I don’t think he should be likened to a terrorist."

Well, there goes 3/4 of its audience.

Freedom of speech has been stretched to the limit by "Patriot" radio. Incendiary language is the staple of the far-right wing of the Republican party.

Have to wonder what the "Dean Ministry" folks would think if the "You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide" meme were to be applied to them.

Judging by the video over at PhoenixWoman (fka Mercury Rising), they're not likely to stand up to it very well.

Nothing new about how weak bullies really are.

I keep wondering how a so-called "Minister" can be part of a heavy-metal band. There's a disturbing dichotomy there, and it's an image I don't want in my head.

Then again, where did he get his credentials for being a minister, and why is he openly advocating for political candidates that agree with his brand of bigotry and hatred? That violates the IRS prohibition for religious organizations.

Learn the law!

There is no law that requires churches and/or preachers to apply for an IRS 501(c)3...

The only violators that may be in violation of IRS rules are those incorporated creatures of the state churches and ministers that are dumb enough to voluntarily apply for an IRS 501(c)3. And with that 501(c)3 comes a FREE government muzzle!

Oh no Bradlee's show got cancelled?! How's he supposed to pay for his track suits and head bandanas now?

Oh wait..his "You can run but you can't hide" posse will just ambush people at suburban gas stations and ask for donations ala the "oh my car has a flat and I need ten bucks for a can of fix-a-flat" pan-scamdlers.

That's how I had my first taste of this jerk and his lackeys two years ago after a day at Afton. Some brain-washed illiterate approached my girlfriend and I as we filled up our gas tank. He said he was soliciting for an organization dedicated to helping troubled youth called "You can run but you can't hide."
As he said the name red flags went up in my head, but my girlfriend, who has experience working with teens also a major soft-spot for groups who work with them agreed.

As he pumped the gas I asked him how they helped kids. He mumbled unintelligibly about how the 1950s were so great and some other BS for a minute until the tank was topped off. We gave him 2 bucks and got the hell out of there. It was a weird and creepy experience and I have never gone back to that station because they allowed these weirdos to solicit money from their customers.

I'm glad that their particular brand of craziness is a little too crazy EVEN for the Patriot. It's sad that Bradlee seems to be able to brainwash angry young men to do his bidding, but let's hope that doesn't last forever.

Personally, I also look forward to the day that Sebastian Bach comes along and schools Dean for stealing his look.

What I would like to know is where they got the money to purchase the air time? Who finances this "pastor"?

Stone is being truly disingenuous here. His station has relied on hate talk for several years. Michael Savage and others, especially in non-prime time, fill the air with incitement to religious bigotry and all the other social diseases. They may have some mainstream righties aboard, but they couldn't survive without the haters.
BTW, I wonder in anyone else noticed their tobacco store ads they were often running that openly flouted FCC regulations that go back 40 years?

Boycott Home Depot, their billionaire owner has given Norm Coleman large funds. Read today's Salon. This is a big story too instead of some failed rock musician.

Dan (#9):

An excerpt from the October 26, 2008 Star Tribune:

"Count this newspaper among the Minnesota voices that long for a lessening of partisan polarization and a return to constructive problem-solving in Washington. If demonization of the partisan opposition continues to be the political coin of this realm, effectiveness of American democracy will be diminished."

That is the first paragraph of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's endorsement of Norm Coleman for the U.S. Senate, and no doubt why you are here at MinnPost; you are boycotting the Strib.

This attitude of "boycott everything not aligned with my beliefs", seems to be growing with many on the left. Add Home Depot to the expanding list that includes Target and Best Buy.

It must be terribly burdensome to choose a doctor, dentist, accountant, realtor, construction contractor, etc. Do you have them fill out a form; is there a Litmus test that you administer verbally? How do you determine if they are worthy, or more importantly, worthy of a boycott?

Done well, this could lead to a perfect environment, woefully lacking in diversity of thought and belief, in which you would rarely encounter one with whom you disagree.

I guess my question is this. If, as one of the commenters asserts, there's a limit to free speech, what is the limit? And who gets to set the limit?

The best way to deal with the Bradlee Deans of the world is to let them talk. Inevitably they reveal themselves. As do those who try to stop them from speaking, in their own way.

The best way to deal with Bradlee Dean is educate the public about his revenue and expenses as reported on his form 990 and which is public information. Almost all of the money they raise from so called street teams seeking donations at gas stations and from a few corporate contributors goes directly to Dean, MacCauley and their families. Their non profit so called is nothing more than their own private tax free family affair. Tax free housing allowances, free automobiles, free insurance, and the list goes on and on. Non profit organizations are supposed to be to served a real purpose in society. This one serves no purpose that I can see other that to promote a rock band that is going no where and hate speech that does no one any good. Their non profit would most likely be terminated if enough people took the time to pull copies of it from and then filed complaints of abuse with the IRS. As a taxpayer, we have the right to do so as we in essense are funded these clowns.

"If, as one of the commenters asserts, there's a limit to free speech, what is the limit? And who gets to set the limit?"

Shouting "fire" in a crowded theater when there isn't any is one classic formulation of freedom of speech.

That Bradlee Dean is one nasty piece of work seems to be the one issue on which there is bipartisan agreement down at the state legislature. But he hasn't gotten anywhere near an limitation of free speech I would support. As long as he doesn't move on to threaten the public safety in tangible terms, he is the poster child for what the first amendment was created to protect. That said, he has no first amendment right at all to anyone else's forum, either at the legislature or AM1280.

Ron Stone:

"I don’t have an issue with him debating the marriage amendment... things that deserve to be debated. What I do have issues with is the divisive tone — we’re not bigots..."

Bradlee Dean's anti-gay retoric suggests that support of the marriage amendment has some bigotry at its core.

Since I made the "limits of free speech" comment, I should discuss what I meant. How about "making things up" ala' Fox News? That should qualify as exceeding those limits--aka, telling lies.

One might argue that "lying" is in the ear of the be-listener, but surely there is such a thing as an objective truth, and that's what our free press should limit itself to printing, saying, e-mailing.

"Faux" News, for one, stretches the limits of free speech to the point of lying. Need more synonyms for what much of the far-right media stoops to? How about slander, calumny, smears...
Talk about Lamestream Media!