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Marni Hughes departs as Fox9's 10 p.m. anchor

As the Fox9 news crew was preparing state shutdown coverage Thursday afternoon, they got the word that their 10 p.m. anchor, Marni Hughes, will leave the station July 28.

Hughes' departure comes a little more than a year after anchor Robyne Robinson's high-profile exit from the station, meaning Fox9's most-promoted female faces have completely switched. Fox9 hired ex-CNN anchor Heidi Collins to fill Robinson's shoes, a transition that was, at least initially, rocky.

Marni Hughes
Marni Hughes

Hughes, who joined the station in 2006, is at the end of her contract, station sources confirm, but they say she was offered a new deal. These days, such offers can come with hefty pay cuts, but word is that this was not the case here.

Hughes was not available for comment on a holiday Friday, so it's unclear what her future plans are, but she and Fox9 will be jointly talking to the media next week (one indication there's no big rupture here).

I am told, by the way, that co-workers like Hughes immensely and she has been the very opposite of a diva to work with.

Fox9 will be hiring a replacement at 10 p.m.; Collins will continue to anchor on the 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. newscasts.

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Comments (3)

More Leah Beno please.

Fox 9's management apparently needs four days to come up with an explanation of how they let Marni Hughes get away!

Viewers will miss Marni's down to earth approach to live interviews and ability to be genuine.

I heard Hughes left because she wanted to explore a career in journalism.