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Kurt Bills’ ridiculous ‘daddy’ attack

The Bills campaign accuses the Star Tribune of pro-Klobuchar bias due to her father’s previous employment.

Thursday, the Kurt Bills for Senate campaign decided to go ad hominem on the Star Tribune.
MinnPost photo by James Nord

Yoo hoo! Mike Osskopp! We’re right over here!

Thursday, the Kurt Bills for Senate campaign decided to go ad hominem on the Star Tribune (a privilege, really, I reserve for myself).

In a news release titled, “Daddy’s poll,” Osskopp, the Republican U.S. Senate nominee’s campaign manager, attacked the Strib’s recent Minnesota Poll that showed Bills 29 points behind.

“If ever there was evidence of bias, this is it. A 13 point Democrat advantage in party ID isn’t credible to even the most partisan analyst,” said Osskopp.

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I know, it’s almost like that other poll that showed a 10-point Democrat advantage! Oh wait — that was Bills’ own poll?

And what about that poll showing a +14 Dem advantage … that Bills touts on his own website!

I know, I know — Osskopp is just acting out, trying to get a guy who might become the next Jerry Brekke some notice. It’s certainly possible Bills is down by mere mid-double-digits (the latest independent poll gaps are -15, -19, -21 and the Strib’s -29). but party ID is not the problem.

Then there was this Osskopp winner:  “Don’t forget, Amy’s Dad was a columnist for the Star Tribune for 3 decades. It’s no coincidence that they are pulling for Daddy’s little girl.”

I’m sure there are some of us grey-hairs who remember when Jim opined for the Strib, but the guy retired in 1995.  Not only was that 17 years ago, but the Strib has seen four ownership groups (Cowles, McClatchy, Avista and Wayzata), three pollsters (internal, PSRA, Mason-Dixon) and three editors (Tim McGuire, Anders Gyllenhaal, Nancy Barnes) since then. I’m pretty sure managing editor Rene Sanchez and political editor Pat Lopez were in high school. 

(Those of us who know how diligently recent Strib management has tried to scrub the Cowles-era liberalism off the place know how laughable Osskopp’s contention really is.)

The elder Klobuchar, of course, now toils for the fine website you have on your screen. So if we ever conduct a Senate poll, Mike, feel free to dump all over us.