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On Ruben Rosario — not a pre-obit, but an atta-boy

Last December, I decided to write a column about Rubén Rosario. The thesis was pretty simple: because he writes for the St. Paul paper and is not named “Joe Soucheray,” he might be the least-known daily columnist in town.

Timberwolves moving radiocasts to WCCO

Just announced on the Good Neighbor. Makes up ever so slightly for the recent loss of Gophers sports (and a few years earlier, for the Twins), though the Wolves aren’t big or even medium ratings-getters.

Star Tribune web redesign: Open thread

The Strib’s new website is live; feel free to post your comments and questions below. I’ll try to get answers to the latter if necessary, and I’ll update this item as the mood strikes. Fans, be real.

New Star Tribune website: The screenshots

Home page and sports front page (click on images for a full look, but note these are big files). No story pages yet, which is too bad, because they’re a big improvement:

Star Tribune to launch redesigned website Tuesday

I’ve seen it; tomorrow “early morning” will be your first chance to see if it lives up to the hype in the Strib’s media release:
Star Tribune Launches New Website
Minnesota’s Most-Visited Local Site Redesigned to Deliver Better Experience for Reader


If you want to read what a media critic says when the tables are turned, you can check out my take on Nick Coleman’s roasting of MinnRoast, via Jim Romenesko’s blog.
Comments welcome, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions if I can.

Pawlenty video uses lefty Krugman to take a shot at Obama

I usually rely on others to cover the 2012 presidential campaign-video sideshow, but must note an A-plus puncture from noted stilletto-sticker Tim Pawlenty.
As flagged by the Star Tribune’s Kevin Diaz, TPaw took to YouTube on the day President Obam

How the Corporation for Public Broadcasting helped KMOJ

I’ve transmitted megabytes about public broadcasting’s fight for taxpayer financing, but I thought I’d share an anecdote about how it works in the real world.
Earlier this week, I noted KMOJ-FM’s sudden rise in the ratings.

KSTP-TV, Albert win Peabody Award for sailor’s death investigation

While he’s not above criticism here at home, KSTP-TV reporter Mark Albert just snagged a prestigious Peabody Award (the broadcast equivalent of a Pulitzer) for “Who Killed Doc?” The investigation examined the electrocution death of a Minnesota sailo

G.R. Anderson out at MyTalk107.1

Former City Pages and MinnPost journalist G.R. Anderson, one of the boys on MyTalk 107.1’s “Colleen and the Boys,” is no longer with the station, general manager Dan Seeman confirms, adding no other details. Anderson isn’t saying much, either.

Star Tribune’s 2011 ad revenues already under budget

All things considered, the Star Tribune had a bang-up 2010 – cash flow was so strong that employees got profit-sharing bonuses and reinstated 401(k) matches.
However, 2011 is off to a rocky start.