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Strib on verge of bankruptcy, NY Post reports

The New York Post reports the Star Tribune is on the verge of bankruptcy and bankers could force big cuts, but the story might not be as stunning as it seems. By David Brauer

City Pages: What if it doesn’t suck?

In their unhappiness with all of the changes at the alt-weekly, many critics won’t acknowledge the good things it still does: new hires, worthy scoops, well-reported stories.

Strib circulation falls again; PiPress steady

Despite pledges to the contrary, the Star Tribune continues to hemorrhage print readers, according to an Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) report released today. During the same period, PiPress circulation was essentially flat. Read more…

Global warming and the Strib comics page

Today’s piece concerns the Strib’s newest comic, Prickly City. It’s the conservative replacement for the vacationing Doonesbury, and in general, it’s been a genial David Brooks to the recently evicted Mallard Fillmore’s angry Rush Limbaugh.

Kersten’s Arabic-school source: even more to the story

A few days ago, I wrote that Katherine Kersten’s April 9 broadside against an Arabic charter school featured a substitute-teacher source who — unbeknownst to readers — had been a conservative Republican college activist. Read more…

City Pages loses its last news vet to Minnesota Monitor

Paul Demko, City Pages’ last remaining news reporter from the Steve Perry era, resigned today. He will join Perry’s new title, Minnesota Monitor, as a full-time political reporter, say sources who have spoken to Demko. Read more…

New Strib editorialist crosses the ad-edit barrier

For what’s believed to be the first time, the Strib has hired a businessperson to sit on its editorial board. And not just any businessperson, but an ad guy. Read more… By David Brauer 

Soon to debut: ‘Strib TV’

Waiting with bated breath to see your favorite scribe amble across your computer screen? Strib management hopes so, since in these days of shrinking staffs and slumping revenues, there’s always room for … klieg lights! Read more…

The circulation puzzle: How low can a local publisher go?

On Saturday, the Strib’s David Phelps checked in with a really smart piece about Dolan Media Co., which locally publishes Finance & Commerce, Minnesota Lawyer, the St. Paul Legal Ledger and the recently acquired Politics in Minnesota.

What’s the harm in truth telling?

Should journalists commit first to telling the truth and only secondarily weigh the harm their reports might cause? Or should harm and truth be considered more as equals? Read more… By David Brauer 

On arrestees, local media increasingly naming names

On Monday afternoon, Minneapolis police arrested 22-year-old Tyeric Lamar Lessley in the death of a man who’d been shot downtown early that morning. By Monday night, KSTP-Channel 5 had published Lessley’s name.

Dolan Media buys Politics in Minnesota

In what could begin an aggressive push to peel away Capitol coverage from shrinking major dailies, Minneapolis-based Dolan Media Co. today purchased Politics in Minnesota, the venerable insider tipsheet-turned-website.

James Lileks gets a Strib Metro column

James Lileks will return to Strib column writing. And this time, the portfolio might include politics. Read more… By David Brauer 

Minneapolis water: How caffeinated is it?

This morning the Associated Press released the first of its three-part investigation into U.S. water quality. Among the national findings: Minneapolis drinking water contains caffeine. Read more… By David Brauer

PiPress parent’s credit crunch worsens

Looks like the Pioneer Press’ owners need a few more Par Ridders.On Tuesday, MediaNews Group, the Denver-based chain that acquired the PiPress last year, saw its corporate credit rating drop for the second time in a wee

PiPress seeks online comments, but not rageaholics

A couple of weeks ago, an enterprising public defender came up with a novel argument: her client’s trial — for making terroristic threats against 10-year-old boy — should be moved from Ramsey County because of public comments on, the