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Who stole the American Dream? A Q&A with author Hedrick Smith

Smith’s book probes changes in government policies and business practices that have weakened the American middle class. 

Workers’ rights classes seek to turn workers into leaders — in their workplaces and at city hall

Minneapolis-based Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha tries to fill a role historically played by unions — educating workers about their rights and teaching negotiation skills.

The birth of big ag: the Bonanza farms of the late 19th century

Geology, the Homestead Act of 1862, railroads, modern machinery, and revolutionary new flour-milling methods all contributed to the bonanza farm boom.

Privacy not included: Federal law lags behind new tech
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Privacy not included: Federal law lags behind new tech

At-home paternity tests fall outside the federal privacy law's purview. So do wearables that measure steps and sleep, testing firms like 23andMe, and online places where people store health records.