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'Frontenac Gris' wine grape

How Minnesota farmers are using different plant varieties, and new techniques, to extend the state's growing season

The climate presents challenges, of course, but farmers and ag researchers also see opportunities: Breeding cold-hardy fruit varieties has made the University of Minnesota a lot of money over the years, after all.


In the land of the bland, one company is trying to bring a traditional Somali food to the masses

Up until a couple of years ago, if you wanted sambusa in the Twin Cities, you had to either make them yourself or go to a Somali restaurant.

Minnesota House of Representatives

Is a behind-the-scenes debate at the Legislature foreshadowing more big changes to Minnesota's liquor laws?

Last year, several key House Republicans led the charge on repealing the ban on Sunday liquor sales. But they were far from finished with trying to tweak Minnesota's liquor laws. 

Think Facebook can manipulate you? Look out for virtual reality
From Other Nonprofit Media

Think Facebook can manipulate you? Look out for virtual reality

In our research into the emerging definition of ethics in virtual reality, my colleagues and I interviewed the developers and early users of virtual reality to understand what risks are coming and how we can reduce them.