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DEED Commissioner Shawntera Hardy

‘The challenges we have are clear’: a Q&A with new DEED Commissioner Shawntera Hardy

Hardy's appointment comes at a time when the Governor and policymakers are increasingly emphasizing equity in conversations about the state's economy. 

Why you shouldn’t feel too grateful to Delta for hiring people to help with the TSA security-line crunch

The airline is spending money to help solve a problem largely of the industry’s own creation.

Brodkorb: 'It was never meant to be a forever thing'

Brodkorb on the end of his Star Tribune blog: 'It was never meant to be a forever thing'

Plus: The Current plays 75 Dylan songs for Dylan's 75th birthday. 

How typography can save your life
From Other Nonprofit Media

How typography can save your life

What words look like matters — in some cases, a whole lot.

MinnPost Picks
MinnPost Picks

MinnPost Picks: on Allrecipes, Nazi gold trains, and suppressing conservative news on Facebook

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