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Business Agenda

Why Steve Jobs idolized Robert Noyce

His role as co-inventor of the microchip and co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductors and Intel Corp. alone made him worthy of Monday’s Google doodle homage. But Noyce was also a father figure to many key Silicon Valley startups, including Jobs.

Can Europe’s bold plan avert global recession?

A move by European nations to more closely unite their fiscal policies raised hopes that attempts to address the continent’s debt crisis won’t devolve into chaos.

The euro zone’s real crisis: weak leadership

If successful, the leaders of France and Germany will be hailed as saviors. But will this really be their finest hour? Many political observers are pessimistic.

Greece debt crisis: Who is Lucas Papademos?

In an effort to right Greece’s course amid the ongoing European debt crisis, former European Central Bank Vice President Lucas Papademos has been named interim prime minister.

Why Bank Transfer Day actually helped banks

While consumers will benefit from moving funds to credit unions, banks, too, will be better off because they are getting rid of their least-profitable or not-profitable clients.

Solyndra probe widens as White House orders new review

The Obama administration has ordered an independent review of loans made by the Energy Department to energy companies — a clear response to the controversial and now-bankrupt Solyndra Inc. solar energy company.

Which GOP flat tax plan is fairest of them all?

Three Republican presidential candidates have put forward flat tax plans so far, each with its own twists. All, however, would probably lead to less revenue for the U.S. government and mean big spending cuts.