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General Mills putting winner Garnett on Wheaties box; also, Target’s NASCAR entry, Best Buy outlook and Northwest rankings

A Minnesota sports figure will be back on the Wheaties box this summer.

A Minnesota sports figure will be back on the Wheaties box this summer. General Mills announced today that the Timberwolves’ former franchise star Kevin Garnett will grace a special-edition cereal box commemorating the Boston Celtics’ victory last night over the L.A. Lakers to clinch the NBA championship. The 15.6-ounce box will roll out over the next three weeks. Meanwhile, the Golden Valley-based food company reported better than expected earnings last quarter.

First, this was news to me, but apparently not to the rest of the world: Target sponsors a NASCAR team? The bull’s-eye will move aside for a race later this month, though, so the Target car can be wrapped in logos for Activision’s “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” game. “We’re very excited to have Guitar Hero bring together two great American traditions, rock ‘n’ roll Aerosmith style, and NASCAR racing,” says an Activision spokesman.

Best Buy’s stock has been up and down over the past several weeks as investors try to decide whether it is a good buy. The Star Tribune’s Jackie Crosby reports that Wall Street doesn’t quite know what to think about the retailer. Another analyst weighs in on CNBC’s Fast Money blog: “You’ve got to play to the idea that people are going to be staying home this summer and that means retail could be decent for a trade.”

When J.D. Power & Associates last month ranked MSP airport among the nation’s worst, it prompted some head-scratching speculation that our airlines were actually to blame. Here’s some new evidence for that theory: Northwest Airlines tied with United for worst overall customer satisfaction among traditional airlines in J.D. Power’s new airlines satisfaction survey. Northwest scored an average 2 of 5 for overall satisfaction and aircraft interior. It averaged a 3 of 5 for flight reservation/scheduling and check-in.

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