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Target roadkill? Also, Juhl on Fox and NWA enhances website for baggage payments

“Target is absolutely roadkill.” Those words ranted by CNBC talking-head Jim Cramer last night during his Stop Trading segment. Riffing on recent news that high energy costs have cut into Costco’s profits, Cramer said Target is in even worse position. He huffed that investors should “get out of Target,” and that “of all the retailers rolling over, the one that rolls over best is Target.” [Via Seeking Alpha.]

Staying on the subject of cable news, Dan Juhl
, CEO of Juhl Wind, Inc., in Woodstock, Minn., appeared Monday on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” I expected to see him ambushed by a panel of oil lobbyists and global-warming deniers. Instead, it was a softball interview. Juhl was asked about his company’s community-based wind model, as well as his thoughts on oilman T. Boone Pickens energy independence plan.

Northwest Airlines will begin charging $15 for your first piece of checked luggage the end of next month. Here’s the good news: the company has enhanced its website so that you can pay luggage fees online before leaving for the airport. More Northwest: VP for operations Andrew Roberts, who played a key role in rebuilding the airline following its bankruptcy, will turn his attention to building homes. Roberts will join Habitat for Humanity as a loaned executive at the end of this week.

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