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Texas lawsuit questions standards for Geek Squad-like efforts; also: St. Jude Medical gains market share, and Northwest drops in at air show

A popular NBC sitcom stars a Geek Squad-inspired computer-repair agent who falls into a secret, double life intertwined with the CIA. The question in a real-life Texas lawsuit, Fortune Small Business reports, is whether all Best Buy‘s Geek Squad agents should be required to earn a private-investigator license before playing Sherlock Holmes against the viruses on your computer. A new state law there, which is being criticized as too vague, says anyone analyzing computer data needs the credentials. A state regulatory board has issued a warning to a Best Buy Geek Squad in Houston while other computer-repair services challenge the law.

St. Jude Medical is “kicking the competition” while they’re down, writes the Motley Fool. As Medtronic and Boston Scientific recover from recalls of their implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), St. Jude’s sales shot up 20 percent, based largely on that unit. The Little Canada-based medical-device maker estimated it grabbed between 2 and 3 percent market share for ICDs from its rivals during the first half of the year. “St. Jude may be the patron saint of lost causes, but investors in St. Jude Medical have found cause to rejoice.”

A surprise performance at an Ohio air show this weekend: There were aerobatics, skydiving — and a Northwest Airlines Boeing 757, making an unplanned landing after one of its engines failed on the way from Tampa to Detroit. No one was injured, but the air show was delayed about 25 minutes.

Attendees cheered the plane as it landed safety. The 182 passengers on board the Northwest plane were shuttled by bus to their destination in Detroit. Officials told reporters they did not yet know the cause of the engine failure.

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