GOP, phone home; also: St. Jude to the rescue; Best Buy is coming, Best Buy is coming, and Canterbury approaching the AMEX finish line

Good news for Republicans who are coming to St. Paul in two weeks: AP and others are reporting this morning that Qwest Communications has reached a labor agreement. The apparent settlement should mean no disruption of the phone lines during the Sept. 1-4 Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center. Tens of thousands extra phone lines are being installed for the 45,000 delegates, media and visitors who will converge on the Twin Cities for the event. That doesn’t count the unknown thousands who may be headed to town to protest the event, but presumably they won’t need to be paying to install new phone lines.  The union had authorized a strike, but now no disruptions are expected — of phone service, anyway.

Good news, too, for those with chronic pain: Another option is now available from St. Jude Medical. The Little Canada multinational announced the “U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European CE Mark approvals of EonC, the first extended-life primary cell (non-rechargeable) neurostimulator for the treatment of chronic pain.” The company’s ANS Division, located in Texas, said the device is “designed to provide … therapy to treat complex neuropathic pain of the trunk and limbs or pain from failed back surgeries.”

The Russian promise of troop withdrawals from Georgia comes just as we get word that Best Buy Co. of Richfield may plan to expand in Russia. Reuters says that two business dailies there have reported that the Russian patent agency has has registered Best Buy’s Future Shop trademark and is reviewing the application for the Best Buy trademark.

If you call your bookie (er, broker) to bet
on (buy shares of , I mean) Canterbury Park Holding Corp. next week, he or she will have to look for it in a different race (exchange). The company, which runs the horse-racing track and card game operation in Shakopee, currently trades as ECP on the American Stock Exchange. But as of  Tuesday Aug. 26, it switches to the NASDAQ Global Market and will trade under the symbol CPHC. Company officials hope the change will increase its stock’s visibility: Its recent average trading activity on the AMEX is under 5,000 shares a day.

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