Biden hops on Sun Country Express; also: Pentair trades bottled water for the tap, and 3M works on ePassports

John McCain has the Straight Talk Express. Joe Biden has Sun Country. The Pioneer Press got the scoop last night that the hometown airline won a bid to fly the Dems’ vice-presidential pick around the country during the campaign. The high-profile assignment is a bit of a coup for the small airline, which came in as the lowest of three bids to provide the service, the paper says.

Are anti-bottled-water sentiments trickling to the suburbs? Golden Valley-based Pentair said today that it will stop providing bottled water to employees at its 50 worldwide locations. Instead, it will install tap water filters. The company’s CEO said the change will provide significant economic and environmental benefits, eliminating plastic waste and save thousands in water costs.

Will those little blue books be a thing of the past? 3M is working with the digital security firm Entrust of Dallas, Tex., to develop an “integrated end-to-end secure ePassport solution.” The announcement comes as more countries are adopting ePassport technology. ePassports have a computer chip embedded in the back cover that stores a digital photo and other data for use with facial recognition technology.

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