Blame Axl! Best Buy’s performance isn’t helped by GN’R’s lack of touring, interview access

Best Buy‘s poor third-quarter earnings can’t be blamed entirely on the slow economy. Axl Rose deserves some credit, too. Best Buy forked over millions for the exclusive right to sell “Chinese Democracy,” the first Guns N’ Roses album in 15 years. Best Buy expected a blockbuster, the rock record of the year.

After two weeks, however, the notorious album appears “destined for bargain bins,” the Wall Street Journal reports. The album has sold just 318,000 copies. Meanwhile, AC/DC, which has a similar exclusive deal with Wal-Mart, has sold 1.1 million copies of its new album, “Black Ice.”

The AC/DC release coincided with a publicity blitz — dozens of magazine interviews and a world tour. Compare that with Guns’ fickle and reclusive frontman Axl Rose, who granted no interviews and didn’t even finish a music video in time to promote the album. Should we expect the music video sometime around 2023?

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    Welcome to the jungle, indeed.

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