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Best Buy considering expanded vinyl section

The New York Post reports that Best Buy is considering expanding its vinyl records section to eight square feet per store. Sales of vinyl records continue to climb as compact discs sales tank.

The first thing I wrote for MinnPost was a story just over a year ago about vinyl records’ recent resurgence. This week, there’s new chatter about a possible vinyl expansion at Best Buy.

The New York Post reports the retailer is thinking about dedicating 8 square feet of space to vinyl in each of its 1,020 stores. The stores’ music sections typically take up about 16 to 20 square feet.

Compact disc sales have been falling at about a 20 percent clip in recent years. Meanwhile, vinyl sales increased almost 90 percent in 2008.

Vinyl currently accounts for about 5 percent of Best Buy’s music sales.

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The expanded section would make room for just under 200 records per store, the article says. Meanwhile, chief marketing officer Barry Judge tweeted a reminder that the story carries 4,000 vinyl titles online.