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Minnesota companies tout green cred on Earth Day Eve

With Wednesday’s celebration of Earth Day, a slew of companies are touting green initiatives this week. Here are a few of the green claims being trumpeted by Minnesota companies today:

Carlson Hotels is planting trees and doning Earth Day lapel pins. The company says it also recently completed an evaluation of energy-use at Country Inn & Suites locations. (But why not ditch the energy-wasting incandescent light bulbs? I noticed the chain hadn’t switched to CFLs as of my stay in Sioux Falls last month.)

Wells Fargo is using Earth Day to encourage customers to make the switch to online-only statements. The bank says since 2006, its paperless option has helped save more than 60,000 trees. That’s based on an estimate using an Environmental Defense calculator.

And Imation it hawking its Earthwise remanufactured toner cartridges, which reuse the plastic shell from returned cartridges. (Aren’t we almost to the point where this is just considered standard, responsible operating procedure and not a cause for celebration?)

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