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Did Geek Squad fake a 104-year-old Twitterer?

TechCrunch contributor Mike Butcher accuses the Geek Squad of “one of the most self-serving, cynical PR stunts I can remember.”

The story started with headlines in the UK press last week about a 104-year-old woman named Ivy Bean who signed up for Twitter.

“What none of these stories told you, however, was that poor old Ivy had not joined Twitter just because it was suddenly the talk of the old peoples home. No. She joined because home PC maintenance company Geek Squad signed her up, propped her up for a photo opportunity and press-released the hell out of it.”

The clues are in her Twitter feed. The first Twitter feed she subscribed to was the Geek Squad’s, and her first “Twitpic” was a shot of her posed with her laptop and a Geek Squad employee.

Now, the blogosphere is wondering whether @ivybean104 is a fake. For example, would a 104-year-old really type “Come and follow my feed at IvyBean104.”? Thoughts?

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