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General Mills announces new cereal, veggie products

Good news for people who like grilling and for people alergic to gluten. General Mills announced a couple of new products this week, a vegetable grill pack and gluten-free Chex cereals.

General Mills is rolling out new products for people who like grilling, and also for people allergic to gluten.

The company’s Green Giant brand has introduced a new vegetable grill pack. The kits come in a tray that can be tossed directly on the grill and contains various veggies and sauces.

Meanwhile, Chex is expanding its gluten-free options with five new flavors: corn, honey nut, chocolate, cinnamon and strawberry. General Mills claims that last year Chex was the first mainstream cereal to go gluten-free. Its Wheat Chex and Multi-Bran Chex are not gluten-free.