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UnitedHealth to release health-care savings report

Not to be outdone by HealthPartners’ $2.4 trillion announcement this morning, UnitedHealth Group says it will release its own report Tuesday on how the government can trim health-care expenses.

The report will be a companion to a paper released last month that outlined ideas to help the federal government save $540 billion over the next decade using existing, proven programs and techniques.

Simon Stevens, director of the UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform and Modernization, will speak at the company’s Washington, D.C., office about “how technology and other process changes” can help save the U.S. health-care system billions of dollars.

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  1. Submitted by sangryul han on 08/12/2009 - 02:27 am.

    A pay for each service / volume compensation, & No E-Medical Record.

    As much as 30 percent of all health-care spending in the U.S. -some $700 billion a year- may be wasted on tests and treatments that do not improve the health of the
    recipients, and this 700 billion dollars a year can cover a lot of uninsured people, in return, it could lessen the tragic, prohibitive ER cares.
    Medical errors ( No e-Medical Record ) & lawsuits, more profits motive, and indirect payments from employers etc would account for it.

    Supposedly, ‘a pay for each service / volume’ compensation seems to leave the medical institutes unequipped with the essential IT system. To understand its importance, If
    we imagine the cost difference between the previous and current system in financial institutes, the magnitude of cost-savings and the mess in health care system can
    be easily explained.

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