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Polaris rolls out electric ‘neighborhood vehicle’

Polaris is getting into the electric vehicle business.

Polaris BreezeThe Medina company announced today a new neighborhood vehicle called the Polaris Breeze. It’s the first product in the company’s recently formed On-Road Vehicle Division.

The Breeze looks like a souped-up golf cart, and golf is one of the suggested uses for it. But the vehicle is targeted at consumers living in master planned communities. It can carry up to four passengers and light cargo loads.

I can’t imagine the open-air vehicle catching on in Minnesota, but perhaps snowbirds will find it convenient for puttering around their winter neighborhoods in Florida or the Southwest.

The company said the Polaris Breeze will be the first of several new on-road vehicles in the coming years.

Meanwhile, Polaris reported second-quarter results, with profits down about 24 percent to $17.5 million.

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  1. Submitted by jimw henry on 07/20/2009 - 04:24 am.

    For working trucks the rule is not based on the fuel efficieny. As long as it is manufactured before 2001 they all qualify
    but cannot be older than 25 years old.


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