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Target takes flak for health care comment, alleged anti-union video

Investment blogger Todd Sullivan says Target’s “me-too” position on employer mandated health care is another example of how the retailer is a step behind Wal-Mart.

“Were I a Target shareholder, I would be more than annoyed … that management is still reacting to Wal-Mart, not taking a leading role growing the business.”

It probably should be noted that Sullivan isn’t usually a fan of Target’s management and was rooting for Bill Ackman in his failed attempt to win Target board seats.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Target has been playing whack-a-mole with a purported anti-union training video that’s circulating online. The video has been removed from several sites but keeps being reposted elsewhere.

In the video, a pair of Target “team members” explain how big, scary unions are predatory businesses that depend on duping hard workers into paying dues.

Current/former Target employees: Can any of you confirm whether or not this video is for real?

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