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Axe continually ‘walks out the door,’ ends up behind cosmetics counter

They’re locking up the Axe body spray behind the counter of the Walgreens drug store at 54th and Lyndale in South Minneapolis.

With names like “Vice,” “Tsunami,” “Fever,” and “Adrenaline,” the deodorant and cologne products have  become popular with preteen and teenage boys who believe women are attracted to men whose overpowering scent makes eyes water and tongues go numb. As such, it’s been flying off the Walgreens shelves — and not because customers are buying it.

“It’s stolen every single day, until it runs out,” said store manager Pam Volk. “We have a lot of five-fingered pocketing with that Axe body spray, so we’ve been locking it behind the cosmetics counter for the past month. It’s really unfortunate.”

Like airplane glue in the ‘70s or baby formula and pseudoephedrine-laced antihistamines in the ’00s, the highly flammable Axe now requires a little more procurement effort from the young man trying to get n touch with his inner beast.

“It just walks out the door,” said Volk. “I had a guy who came in the other day and we were talking about it and he said, ‘Well, I guess it’s just human nature [to shoplift].’ I said, ‘Well, that’s really sad.’ “

Volk said she isn’t aware of any other Walgreens stores in the city or country that keep the spray under glass, but she’ll continue to do so: “We put little pictures on the shelf to encourage customers to go to the cosmetician and say we still have the product, but I lost too many of them. Our shelves were always empty.”

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