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Best Buy issues statement on fired security guards

Best Buy has issued a statement about the two Colorado store employees fired for chasing and tackling a suspected shoplifter.

The company says employee training includes what to do when a suspected shoplifter leaves the store. One of the fired employees claimed earlier this week that he never received such training and that the retailer intentionally left them in a “gray area.”

Here’s the full statement from Best Buy spokesperson Kelly Groehler:

We have a long-standing policy that we do not address issues related to the termination of any former employee. That said, I can tell you that employees who work in our stores are aware, and trained, on the standard operating procedures for dealing with shoplifting or theft — which includes ceasing pursuit of a suspected shoplifter once they exit the store. These procedures are in place first and foremost for the safety of our employees. In circumstances like these, we must cooperate with local authorities.

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