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Check-out: Recent blogging about Target, Best Buy

A round-up of recent retail headlines: More confusing price stickers at Target, falling TV prices at Best Buy, and why big-boxes aren’t going away anytime soon.

A round-up of recent headlines related to Minnesota retailers:

The Consumerist blog continues to document and catalog confusing Target price stickers. The latest: A three-pack of Brita water filters that comes with a “free” water bottle. The package is $1.50 more than the three-pack next to it without the free water bottle.

The HD Guru blog wonders if it’s Christmas in August? The start of football season normally means peak pricing for big-screen HDTVs. But Best Buy has just dropped its prices by hundreds of dollars on several 40-inch-and-larger televisions. runs down a list of what seem like pretty obvious “insights” about Target, Wal-Mart and other discount retailers. They’re big, ugly, and powerful enough to bully suppliers and ward off new competition. And they “aren’t going anywhere.”