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Check-out: Target paints the town, plus Best Buy pie fight!

A round-up of recent chatter about Minnesota retailers: Target paints the town, Best Buy moves into a Circuit City space in Manhattan, and a pie-in-the-face promotion gets out of hand at another Best Buy store.

Check-out: A round-up of recent chatter about Minnesota retailers.

  • Advertising disguised as public art: Target announced that it’s turned over its Times Square billboards to a group of emerging artists. The billboards will stay up until the end of October and then the vinyl will be turned into limited-edition tote bags.
  • More news about a Minnesota retailer in the Big Apple. Taesik Yoon of the MoneyMasters blog writes about the opportunity presented to Best Buy as it moves into a former Circuit City space in downtown Manhattan.
  • And the Consumerist blog brings us a tale of a “pie-in-the-face promotion” that gets out of hand at a Best Buy store. The blog received a cryptic non-denial from corporate. “Having fun while being the best is one of Best Buy’s core values.”