Do ‘smart people’ belong on the Wheaties box?

A Boston Globe columnist is challenging General Mills to rethink the Wheaties box and start featuring “smart people” instead of just athletes:

“[G]iven that Wheaties sales have been slipping (they’ve declined 14 percent over the past year), here’s what I wonder: could Wheaties as a brand be reinvigorated if those bright orange boxes started celebrating achievements of the brain, as well as the body? Would parents feel better about buying a breakfast cereal that inspired their children to become rocket scientists, disease-battling chemists, life-saving biomedical engineers, or billionaire software designers?”

The columnist, Scott  Kirsner, has enlisted his Twitter followers to help persuade General Mills to give it a shot. Check out the #Wheaties hashtag today and you’ll see quite a bit of activity. The Wheaties Fuel Twitter account is cranking out a form response, noting that performance nutrition scientist John Ivy will appear on the new Wheaties Fuel box.

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  1. Submitted by Scott Kirsner on 09/09/2009 - 03:51 pm.

    Maybe it’s important to note that Dr. John Ivy, the kinesiologist to whom General Mills refers, is on the *back* on the new box. Five athletes are on the front.

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