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Should cost of electricity include Rod Stewart tickets?

Xcel Energy was slapped on the wrist by Colorado regulators last week after it tried to pass along the cost of bagels, doughnuts and other employee treats to rate-payers in that state.

Today, the Pioneer Press reports that the utility is at odds with Minnesota regulators over more extravagant expenses — from spa retreats to Rod Stewart concert tickets.

The state’s attorney general’s office objected to several expenses included in a $156 million electricity rate hike request filed by Xcel Energy last fall, the paper reports.

The disputed expenses make up about $3.9 million of the Minnesota rate case, and oral arguments before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission are scheduled for Sept. 24.

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  1. Submitted by dan buechler on 09/15/2009 - 10:28 am.

    those darn democrats are at it again holding businessmen responsible for their actions. Why of coure I can generate my own electricity in the free market but the neighbors do complain about the noise and the exhaust of running the generator 18 hours a day. Next thing you know I’ll be needing a permit for that thing. It is a pain hauling 5 gallon gas cans to the back yard, got 40 gallons back there now and it isn’t amy kind of fire hazard. Whoops gotta go work own my free market septic tank it’s backing up.

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