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U.S. Bank advertising language won’t fly, says group

Some of the language U.S. Bank has used to promote a new travel-rewards credit card won’t fly anymore. The Star Tribune reports that a division of the Better Business Bureau gave U.S. Bank a few slaps on the wrist Monday for claims made in its FlexPerks advertisements.

U.S. Bank used to partner with Northwest Airlines on the WorldPerks Visa credit card. Now that the airline is part of Delta, its official credit card is the American Express SkyMiles card. U.S. Bank is trying to retain WorldPerks customers with its alternative FlexPerks card, which offers a variety of travel-related rewards, including frequent-flier miles.

The regulatory group said U.S. Bank should stop claiming FlexPerks offers “more value” or that it is faster than SkyMiles. It can, however, continue to emphasize its lack of fees, compared with Delta’s card.

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