Best Buy to sell $150 electronic Rubik’s Cube

On Monday I saw comedian David Cross perform at the State Theater. One of his bits was about unnecessary products aimed at solving non-existent problems. (Such as “Time Mug,” the SkyMall beverage holder with a built-in clock.)

Cross might find more material for his act in today’s Best Buy press release announcing some of the electronic gadgets it’ll be selling this upcoming holiday season.

The highlight: Rubik’s TouchCube, a $150, electronic Rubik’s Cube. Touch-sensor technology allows the player to rotate blocks with a swipe of a finger — no more jerking your wrists around to make a move! Sounds effects include “an actual recording of the original Cube’s twist”! It even comes with its own charging dock for when the batteries run low.

The less comedic gadgets include Best Buy’s new eReader, the Irex and a folding, travel speaker dock for your iPod/iPhone. More info will be available Sunday at

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