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Business Agenda

Business Agenda reports on what’s going on at businesses in Minnesota. Business Agenda provides brief, quick-reading items about important companies in Minnesota and the people who work at those firms.

Look who’s driving world auto sales now

Gas prices that hover near $4 a gallon may have Americans questioning their love affair with their cars. But in the rest of the world, millions of upwardly mobile people are just beginning to feel four-wheeled “first love.”

April home sales fall as tight credit hinders buyers

Meanwhile, crosscurrents in the housing market include some positive forces. Foreclosure activity is declining in many regions, and an improving job market should boost demand for houses over time. Also, mortgage rates remain low.

How much does U.S.-China trade hurt American workers?

As U.S. and Chinese economic officials meet this week, old concerns still linger: Are China’s trade policies stealing jobs from American workers? Should the nation take a tougher, more retaliatory line in its own trade policies?

Gas prices reach new record in six states

Gas prices have gotten so high that six states have reached a new record above 2008 levels. Two other Great Lakes states — Minnesota and Wisconsin — are within an eyelash of their 2008 records.

So, if your iPhone is spying on you, who benefits?

News that certain mobile phone manufacturers have embedded technology in their devices that tracks owners’ movements has raised alarms among privacy rights advocates even though it has been somewhat of an open secret since last year.

Art market funds are offering masterful returns

For those aiming to seize financial opportunities, an art fund provides one avenue of investment. Investors own shares of a fund but not the underlying art. Proponents say this offers distinct advantages.

Top 5 myths about starting a business

More Americans became entrepreneurs in the past two years than at any other time in the past 15 years. But before you consider leaving your day job, check out these Top 5 myths about starting a business.

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