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Business Agenda

Business Agenda reports on what’s going on at businesses in Minnesota. Business Agenda provides brief, quick-reading items about important companies in Minnesota and the people who work at those firms.

Email breach at Epsilon may prove costly

What may be one of the biggest data breaches of all time occurred at marketing firm Epsilon. But it’s the company’s clients, such as Best Buy, JPMorgan, TiVo and Walgreen, who will end up paying the price.

Eight ways $100-a-barrel oil may affect you

Even though plenty of oil is around, there is fear of further disruptions, and consumers, business people and politicians have all been making adjustments. Here’s how higher energy prices are starting to affect America.

Will ‘temp’ jobs become the permanent norm?

The severity of the recession, the protracted recuperation of the job market and the cost implications of the new health-care law have some in the industry wondering if more temporary work is here to stay.

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