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Nonprofit leaders advised to stand up, speak out

Ruth McCambridge, editor-in-chief of the Boston-based Nonprofit Quarterly, told a roomful of Minnesota nonprofit leaders this week that one big challenge they face is speaking their truth to the funders. Read more…

Find the entire U of M at your fingertips

Every big company or institution shares a fundamental problem: They’re so organized in silos that access to the wealth of opportunities and resources they <em>could</em> offer is minimized.

State law requires some nonprofits to register voters

Here’s a surprising nugget from the pages of Minnesota election law. If a nonprofit organization receives state funding to provide services, it is required to help with voter registration. Read more… By Scott Russell 

Scott McClellan’s publisher makes waves, too

Scott McClellan, who left his gig as President Bush’s press secretary in April of 2006, charges in his new tell-all memoir that the president was not forthright about the Iraq War and positioned himself in a permanent campaign mode that limited his

Nonprofits hear a gloomy forecast about future funding

If nonprofits think the current economy is troublesome, the message from Frank Forsberg of the Greater Twin Cities United Way is hold on tight, it’s going to get worse. Read more… By Scott Russell 

Taking a risk on open source

Sit back and let me tell you a story about a game-changing open source e-commerce project, an emerging web development firm in Bloomington, and how folks there discovered this project and I, in turn, discovered them.By Steve Borsch