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Your business card for the web

Throughout the last few centuries, people would meet and exchange trade, social, or what we now know as business cards, ensuring they could re-connect with one another if there were any interest or need in doing so again.By Steve Borsch

Endowments have both benefits, downsides

Last year, a donor offered Simpson Housing Services a $10,000 gift to create an endowment to help recently homeless families get beds, bedding and other basics for their apartments.

Minnesota’s Internet tech crowd flexes its muscle

If one had any doubt about the intensity of our state’s information technology and Internet community, one only had to be anywhere inside the U’s Coffman Union on Saturday for the third annual Minnebar “unconference” (part of an international phenom

20-somethings lead the way to nonprofit major at U

Worried about the looming nonprofit leadership shortage as baby boomers retire? Here are two names to ease your mind: Eric Larsen and Brian Peterson. Read more… By Scott Russell 

Economist editor ticks off long list of anxieties

Need a few things to worry about?Here are some suggestions, courtesy of John Micklethwait: Protectionism, global warming, religious zealotry, lack of world leadership, rising economic disparities, overwrought fear of China, opposition to immigration

Fundraising report finds nonprofits seeking $1.5 billion

For the first time since 1997, the Minnesota Council on Foundations has published a report on capital and endowment fundraising campaigns among the state’s nonprofits. Read more… By Scott Russell 

This Ewe group is no stranger to urban life

In a recent post, I wrote about a new Internal Revenue Service requirement that small nonprofits ($25,000 or less in receipts) file an annual e-postcard.

Forum tries to sort out complex fallout from subprime debacle

Roger Conant, who spoke first at a forum Monday evening to discuss the subprime crisis, got right to the point. The nation, he said, is in the midst of a gigantic transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street. Read more…

Proposed standards may get pushback from nonprofits

The Charities Review Council is changing its accountability measures and some of the proposed standards could become hot potatoes in the nonprofit community. Read more… By Scott Russell