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Minnesota is among top 5 states to insure a car for less

Insurance rates for cars aren’t necessarily the cheapest in these five states.

Insurance rates for cars aren’t necessarily the cheapest in these five states. But their residents earn enough that they pay the lowest percentage of their median income to insure a car, according to new numbers from InsWeb, an online website that compares insurance rates.

5. Utah

Nationally, the median driver spends $733 a year on auto insurance – or about 3.5 percent of his income. But drivers in Utah do much better: only $573 a year or 2.4 percent of their income. Maybe their auto insurance rates are lower because Utah has twice the space and fewer than a third of the cars that Virginia does. Still, Utahns don’t get quite as good a deal as the drivers of …

4. New Hampshire

With 600,000 fewer cars than New York City and 30 times the space, New Hampshire enjoys a certain freedom of the road. That extends to auto insurance, where the median resident spends $595 a year to insure a car. That works out to 2.5 percent of residents’ median income. But other drivers do even better in another small state with fewer cars …

3. Hawaii

Residents in the Aloha State usually spend more on things than the national average. But on car insurance, they catch a break. The median rate is $602 a year, which is the highest of the Top 5 but $130 a year cheaper than the national average. With median household income $16,000 a year above the national average, Hawaii managed to nab the No. 3 spot in the rankings, nearly equaling No. 2 …

2. Minnesota

Minnesota drivers spend only 2.4 percent of their income on car insurance. Even with all that snow and ice causing hazardous driving conditions in winter, residents still manage to drive safely enough to only pay $563 a year. That’s the second-lowest median insurance rate of any of the Top 5 states, except for No. 1 …

1. Massachusetts

Can the expensive Bay State really have the lowest insurance cost relative to income? The median driver only spends $509 a year. That’s the lowest cost of any of the Top 5 states. Thanks to a relatively high income, that works out to only 2 percent of median income, the lowest rate in the nation. It might be even lower if Boston drivers would follow even half the rules of the road.