Herman Cain leads GOP race in new poll, pulls in $9 million in October

Herman Cain
Herman Cain

Herman Cain’s campaign is trumpeting the fact that they’ve raised $9 million since Oct. 1 as proof that supporters are sticking with him despite the sexual harassment allegations. According to the campaign’s press release: “Twenty-five percent of these newly received contributions have come in the last ten days” (or in other words, in the time that’s elapsed since scandal first broke).

Putting aside the weird ongoing confluence of Herman Cain and the No. 9 (which DCDecoder has commented on before), we would also point out that if a quarter of the money came in the last ten days – which represents a quarter of the 40 days that have elapsed since Oct 1. In other words, this doesn’t actually show a spike in contributions.

But it does indicate that donations haven’t fallen off, either. (Of course, there’s no way to independently verify any of these numbers until the campaigns submit their FEC reports on January 15.)

Meanwhile, the latest polls show that Cain has also held up – but the sexual harassment allegations are hurting him among some key groups: women, conservatives, and tea party members, according to a CBS poll released Friday. Cain leads with 18 percent of those surveyed. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are tied for second at 15 percent.

The CBS poll notes, “Cain has lost support among women since late October. Then, he led among women, garnering 28 percent of their support. Now, his support among women is just 15 percent. He has also lost ground with conservatives, from 30 percent to 23 percent now.”

Who’s picking up that support among women and conservatives? Newt Gingrich.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Richard Mensing on 11/13/2011 - 03:09 pm.

    Watching Cain deny these sexual harassment charges is a little like watching Austin Powers deny ownership of the Swedish penis enlarger.


  2. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 11/14/2011 - 08:12 am.

    Well, *that* blew up in the Democrat party’s face didn’t it?

    In hindsight, I wonder if the Sorosphere doesn’t realize it might have been a good idea to vet the accusors a bit before wheeling them out.

    You’d think that they’d have learned a lesson from the Anita Hill fiasco, but old habits are hard to break, I guess.

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