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Central Corridor light rail line faces critical moment

“It’s getting down to crunch time,” Peter Bell said Wednesday. The Metropolitan Council chairman was talking about next month’s choosing of a final alignment for the Central Corridor light rail project (PDF). The council’s vote, expected Feb.

Here’s hoping… for a transportation epiphany

John Adams, a University of Minnesota professor, often tells the story of parishioners at his church who instinctively rejected the idea of repairing and expanding their building.

What makes a city a good place to walk?

Bikeability? Excellent. No. 2 in the country.

Walkability? Not so good. No. 17 among the 30 top metro areas. Down among St. Louis, Detroit and Houston. That hurts.

Chicago Avenue quietly turns into Medical Alley

Unless you’re a tourist destination like Vail or a retirement haven like Scottsdale, it’s hard to have a good city without good jobs. Good jobs are the foundation for building the middle class life so fundamental to the success of American cities.

Some transportation advice — from Utah?

Some transportation advice — from Utah? The fallen I-35W bridge may serve best as a metaphor in motion. Its splashdown resembles perfectly the descending condition of our metropolitan transportation policy.