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A list of MinnPost’s regular departments and columnists.
  1. Artscape

    Artscape focuses on Twin Cities arts institutions, personalities, performances, money and politics, encompassing all forms of the arts. It appears on Tuesday through Friday.

  2. Community Sketchbook

    Community Sketchbook focuses on the economic and social challenges facing communities, especially low-income communities and communities of color, and how people are trying to address them.

  3. Community Voices

    Community Voices features opinion pieces from a wide variety of authors and perspectives. MinnPost welcomes submissions on current topics of broad interest in Minnesota.

  4. Earth Journal

    Earth Journal aims to clarify environmental issues in the news, lend proportion and perspective to competing claims, and engage MinnPost readers in exploring subjects that lie beyond the headlines — with a special emphasis on solutions to environmental challenges.

  5. Eric Black Ink

    Eric Black Ink is a column by veteran journalist Eric Black covering national and state politics, policy, government and history.

  6. Foreign Concept

    Foreign Concept provides international affairs coverage by Mark Porubcansky, a foreign correspondent and editor for 30 years, who, until recently, served as foreign editor of the Los Angeles Times.

  7. From Other Nonprofit Media

    From Other Nonprofit Media showcases select work from other nonprofit news sites around the nation.

  8. Good Jobs thumbnail

    Good Jobs

    MinnPost's Good Jobs beat focuses on the role of government, nonprofits, businesses and individuals in creating good jobs in Minnesota — and in exploring how people who don’t have those jobs can get them.

  9. Inside MinnPost

    Inside MinnPost is the place for staff to talk about what's going on in our enterprise. We aim to engage in a conversation with our readers and others interested in our grand experiment in high-quality, not-for-profit local journalism.

  10. Macro, Micro, Minnesota

    Macro, Micro, Minnesota analyzes the big stories in the news through the lens of economics.

  11. Mental Health & Addiction

    MinnPost's Mental Health & Addiction coverage seeks to shine a light on issues that affect families across Minnesota, with author Andy Steiner reporting on stories related to mental health, addiction and the complex relationship between the two.

  12. MinnPost Picks

    Our weekly roundup of great stories from around the web, as recommended by MinnPost staff and contributing journalists.

  13. MinnPost Quiz

    Each week, MinnPost quizmaster Andrew Minck will test your knowledge of Minnesota-centric current events with a dozen multiple-choice questions. Topics are likely to vary (a lot), but it shouldn't be too hard if you're a regular MinnPost reader: Answers will be taken from items that have appeared on the site during the previous week or so.

  14. New Americans

    MinnPost’s “New Americans” beat is dedicated to covering the state’s immigrant and refugee communities, chronicling the contributions and challenges faced by these groups as they transform the notion of what it means to be a Minnesotan in the 21st century.

  15. Second Opinion

    In Second Opinion, Susan Perry helps MinnPost readers make their way through the thicket of health trends, studies and research.

  16. The Glean

    The Glean offers two daily helpings of the latest news, information and opinion of interest to Minnesotans: a morning roundup of the latest must-read stories, and a late-afternoon look at the day's developments.